In the Central African Republic found the bodies of 115 civilians killed

Representatives of the International red cross (ICRC) found 115 bodies of civilians near the town of Bangassou in the Central African Republic (CAR). About it reports Reuters.

“People died from knife and gunshot wounds, and blows with blunt objects,” said ICC representative in this country, Antoine Mbao God.

Presumably, they all were victims of militants of the rebel groups that a few days ago attacked Bangassou. This city is the administrative center of the province of Mbomou, the main diamond-producing region of the country.

May 15 from the mosque of the city by the staff of the UN mission for stabilization in Central African Republic were evacuated about a thousand Muslims. They took refuge in a religious building for fear of reprisals from members of guerrilla groups who had seized Bangassou. Then it was reported on 26 dead.

Sectarian conflict in the CAR continues in 2013. Then the representatives of the Muslim coalition Seleka seized the capital Bangui and overthrew President françois bozizé, a Christian. In response to these actions Christians created militias that began the massacre of the representatives of the Muslim community. To stabilize the situation in the country has deployed military contingents of France, the African Union and the EU.