The US proposed dialogue with North Korea

Nikki Haley

United States of America will be ready to engage in dialogue with North Korea if the country will stop nuclear and missile tests. As reported by RIA Novosti, told reporters on Tuesday, may 16, the U.S. permanent representative to the world organization for Nikki Haley.

In addition, she did not agree with the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the need to stop to intimidate North Korea. “The idea of Russia that we bully, is wrong. North Korea is trying to intimidate the international community. And Russia itself have to worry,” said Haley.

According to her, the latest missile launch of the DPRK was, in particular, and a signal to Russia, as occurred close to the borders of the country.

“Russia should make the same decision that the international community: are you or support North Korea or not. But you must choose a side,” said Haley.

The DPRK conducted a test on Sunday morning, may 14. The flight of the missile, medium and long range, which was launched from the province’s-Do lasted for half an hour, she had covered a distance of about 700 kilometers and fell into the sea of Japan, between the Korean Peninsula and Japan.

Pyongyang said that the purpose of the tests was to test the delivery capability of this missile “of large, heavy nuclear warheads”.