The state Duma will be engaged in the prevention of “cultural extremism”

The state Duma will be engaged in the prevention of “cultural extremism”

Under the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin will be created a Council for culture, religion and ethnic relations.

This “Izvestia” said a source close to the apparatus of the state Duma.

It is expected that the Council will deal with issues of “moral climate in society”, “education of patriotism” and the prevention of extremism in the sphere of culture.

Advisor to the Chairman of the state Duma on a voluntary basis, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Alexander Shchipkov has confirmed to “Izvestia” that such a Council will be created. Its composition and structure will be determined at the meeting to be held in the lower house this week.

Now the speaker of the state Duma already has two of the Council: to ensure the legislative development of the digital economy and the development of urban areas and public spaces. The third Council for culture, religion and international relations — can be created in the current week. This “Izvestia” said a source close to the state Duma apparatus, the information was confirmed by adviser to the speaker, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church Aleksandr Shchipkov.

— The decision is made, such Council will be created, he said.

The composition and structure of the Council is not yet defined. According to Alexander Shipkov, “you need to wait some amount of time.”

— When will be known the names will become clear why the Council will bring together three areas — culture, religion and ethnic relations, he explained “Izvestia”.

According to adviser to the speaker of the state Duma, the creation of such councils is “common practice”.

— Tips are created to help the Chairman to perform his duties. Need helpers, need advisers, we need a discussion — it’s the stuff that contributes to solving pressing issues, he said.

Recall that in the state Duma of the sixth convocation under former speaker Sergey Naryshkin worked eight tips.

Adviser to the speaker on culture Ivan Demidov (formerly in the President’s administration he was responsible for relations with public and religious organizations, and then went to work in the Ministry of culture) also stated “Izvestia” that “heard about these plans.”

Experts believe that one of the directions of the Council may become the subject of prevention of extremism in the cultural sphere.

— In recent years, issues of culture and religion in our country intersect quite often, sometimes they are trudnootdelemy, — said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. — Because culture and the Church deal with the issue of spirituality, the individual platform, which would deal only with matters of religion, and would be too narrow specificity of inter – and intra-religious problems.

But much, he said, will depend on experts included in the Council.

Political analyst Rostislav Turovsky believes that the Council needs to focus on gaps in the legislative regulation of the national and cultural policy of the state.

— It is not in the center of his attention will be controversial and important subjects. It will take the work of the Council in the wrong direction, because it will fall a shaft of ambiguous issues — from the movie “Matilda” and the speeches of Deputy Milonov to the plot surrounding the transfer of the Church of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, says Rostislav Turovsky.

Political analyst Andrei Kolyadin believes that the topic of religious extremism is “painful”, but correct.

It is at the intersection of interreligious and interethnic relations there are the most intractable problems that end up sometimes a lot of blood. For example, the same terrorism, — the expert believes.

The organizational meeting of Council will be held this week behind closed doors.