Scientists have found the garbage capital of the world

Continued: Scientists have published a video littered with plastic garbage island

Scientists have discovered a place that can be called trash capital of the world. About it reports BBC News with reference to a study by British and Australian scientists.

On Henderson island, part of the British overseas territory of Pitcairn Islands (Pacific ocean), is about 37.7 million units of waste plastic, toothbrushes, lighters, razors, fishing tackle. With an area of just 32 square kilometers.

As indicated by scientists Henderson is located in Central ocean currents, and it washes debris from passing by ships from South America. According to experts, the island is 17 tons of garbage — 671 subject matter per square meter of its area.

“Crabs settle in the bottle lids, containers and jugs. At first it seems nice, but it is not so. Plastic old, sharp, fragile and toxic”, — said the publication of Professor Jennifer Lavers from the University of Tasmania.

UNESCO has placed the island of Henderson in the list of coral atolls with a unique ecology. According to Levers, almost every island in the world and every species in the ocean in one way or another suffers from waste, which produces humanity.