Died actor Oleg vidov

Died actor Oleg vidov

MOSCOW, may 16 — RIA Novosti. Actor Oleg vidov died in the United States, has told RIA Novosti his wife Joan Borsten.

“Oleg vidov, beloved husband, father, friend, died today in Westlake village, California, of complications from cancer. He was 73 years,” said the wife of the actor.

Oleg vidov is a Soviet, Russian and American actor and film Director, was born June 11, 1943, in the Moscow region. Species played a number of roles in Soviet films, including the films “the headless Horseman”, “Blizzard”, “Ordinary miracle”, “the Tale of Tsar Saltan”, “Gentlemen of fortune”, “Moscow, my love” and others.

“He is a statue”: On 74-m to year of life died Oleg vidov, one of the main sex symbols of the Soviet cinema pic.twitter.com/Fcl30egB9F

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) 16 may 2017

As told RIA Novosti his wife, the actor’s talent was appreciated not only Soviet, but also Western filmmakers. “Although the Soviet actors were not allowed to work abroad, Oleg allowed to appear in the Danish film “the Red Cape” (The Red Mantle) directed by Gabriel Axel, which was nominated in 1967 for a Palm branch, and in Yugoslavia in the movie “Battle on Neretva”. Dino de Laurentiis invited Oleg to work on the film “Waterloo” Soviet-Italian production, along with rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer and Orson Welles” she said.

Oleg vidov, Gina Lollobrigida and Vyacheslav Tikhonov at the VIII Moscow international film festival
1973 pic.twitter.com/4wRsxeImjt

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In 1985, the Species moved to Los Angeles. According to Boorstin, when the Soviet TV channels refused to show films with his participation, but then again began to broadcast, but without species name in the credits. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the actor many times came to Russia.

Oleg vidov and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Red heat” – https://t.co/XPUgGNI07b pic.twitter.com/0pESh1HDA9

Irina (@ingvi58) 21 Jul 2016

In the US actor continued his career. His partners on the set were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mickey Rourke, Warren Beatty. He also starred in the TV series on HBO, NBC. ABC. In 1988, the Types and his wife founded the production company Films by Jove, Inc., which in 1992 received the international rights to the rental of the animated film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”.

In addition to her acting career, the Types involved in charity work, worked with the UN and the Red Cross to deliver humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Sarajevo, Mogadishu and Angola. In 2007, the Species became a co-founder of the center for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in California.