Pegov will leave from the post of the head of the Moscow metro and will be back in the Railways

Dmitry Pageupdate: Moscow metro announced the continuation of the work of Dmitry Pegova

The head of the Moscow metro Dmitry Pegov has left his post, his place will be taken by Viktor Kozlovsky, who previously held the post of its first Deputy. On Monday, may 15, Rambler News Service reported in Department of transport of Moscow.

The Department explained that the pegs will go back to work in the Railways, which will be responsible for a unit of passenger transportation.

As noted by the rector of the Moscow state University of Railways Boris Levin, whose words are also presented in the statement diptrans, Kozlovsky — head with a long experience in the field of railway transport. “He knows all the nuances of the basic processes that occur in the Moscow subway. He is an experienced Manager, which capital metro will continue to improve, will become even more comfortable and safe,” — said Levin.

The Department added that under the leadership of Kozlowski failed to launch metro additional trains during peak hours, thereby reducing traffic intervals. Also through his work was launched train a new generation of “Moscow”.

56-year-old Kozlowski held the post of Deputy head of the Moscow metro in 2014, previously worked as first Deputy chief of the Kuibyshev railway.

Pegov, in 2010, led by the Directorate for high-speed communication (a branch of Russian Railways), took the post of head of the Moscow subway in July 2014, after the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin was released from this position previous chief Ivan Besedin. According to the mayor, Pegov was “the full path from the assistant engineer to the head of one of the most promising directions of Railways”.