The Russian defense Ministry has disclosed details of North Korea’s missile launch

The Building Of The Ministry Of Defense Of Russia

A rocket launched on may 14 in North Korea, flew about 23 minutes and fell in the Central part of the sea of Japan at a distance of 500 kilometers from Russian territory. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia, reports “Interfax”.

“The trajectory of North Korean missiles passed in the direction from the border of the Russian Federation and at a considerable distance,” said the Agency, calling that goal ballistic. Also, it noted that there was no danger for Russia, this missile launch is not represented.

The defense Ministry added that the funds of the Russian system of missile warning and air defense systems are on combat duty as planned.

CNN reported citing an unnamed us official that the missile, according to US calculations, fell into the sea of Japan approximately one hundred kilometers from Primorye. In the White house, in turn, reported that the missile actually fell much closer to Russian territory than to the Japanese.

According to the South Korean military, the launch was made in the North West province’s Do, and the missile flew about 700 kilometers. In Tokyo said that after 30 minutes of flight it crashed into the sea before reaching the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Also in Seoul reported that it launched a missile, presumably, was ballistic (according to the Japanese side, it could be a missile of a new type). If this information is confirmed, it will be the first two weeks of the launch after a previous attempt failed.