Sands uncovered the fate of the Bulk of the letter to the Kremlin

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the Kremlin received a letter requesting the issuance of the passport of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. About it reports TASS.

A Kremlin spokesman said that the appeal policy was forwarded for review to the Ministry of interior. “It really was, it was in the name of the head of administration (Russian President) and the profile of the issues involved, it was marked and forwarded to the relevant Agency, where this issue was resolved,” – said Peskov.

He added that the Kremlin “has no relation” to the results the Bulk of this document. “Every day the administration receives thousands of emails and requests – complaints, applications, requests, they all are registered and, as a rule, are sent to the relevant agencies”, – concluded the spokesman.

Previously Navalny said that he had written a letter requesting the issuance of the passport of the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Anton Vaino. According to Navalny, to do this he advised the head of the Council on human rights Mikhail Fedotov, for which the opposition asked to “stop illegal actions” and give him the document. Then Navalny filed an application in MFC, and the next day received the passport. “I don’t know what was going on inside Fedotov helped me or Vaino I helped”, – the politician noted.

Then opposition leader, received a burn of the cornea after the attack, was able to do the surgery in a clinic in Barcelona. According to Navalny, his vision will recover in a few months, while the right eye sees completely.

May fourth the opposition has reported that he received the passport, the results of which he was denied for five years. Then Navalny said that will now be able to pass the examination required for burns of the eyes, in one of the foreign clinics. According to the oppositionist, he “can loom corneal transplantation”, because the right eye has only 15 percent vision.

Navalny was attacked on April 27. The attacker splashed his face with green paint. Doctors diagnosed policy the diagnosis “a chemical burn of the eye.” Social media users identified the attackers as caught on CCTV footage, the SERB activists.