Julia Samoylova is very pleased to win Portugal in the Eurovision song contest

Julia Samoylova is very pleased to win Portugal in the Eurovision song contest

MOSCOW, may 14 — RIA Novosti. Singer Yulia Samoylova, who was supposed to represent Russia at the international song contest “Eurovision” in Kiev, praised the performance of the winner of El Salvador Gathered, noting his magical voice, and added, very pleased with the success of Portugal.

The final of the international song contest “Eurovision” was held in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Kiev.

The vote of the audience and the professional jury the winner was the Portuguese Salvador Collected, second place went to a Bulgarian party Christian Kostov, on the third line turned out to be the singers from Moldova Sunstroke Project.

“I am very happy that I won Portugal. Salvador Gathered, you’re gorgeous! Magic voice and indisputable victory,” Samoilova said in a video posted on her page in Instagram.

@salvadorsobral.music you’re gorgeous! The magical voice and an undeniable victory!?? I’m fascinated ? ☺ app #salvadorsobral #eurovision #alisamilano #like #smile #Drugrelated #friends

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This year Russia did not take part in the competition, as Samoilova with a song about love the Flame Is Burning Ukrainian special services was denied entry into the country due to her performances in the Crimea.

In the final of the competition was attended by such countries as Moldova, Azerbaijan, Greece, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Armenia, Australia, Cyprus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, Norway, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as representatives of five of the founding countries of the contest (UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany) and Ukraine — the hostess of the festival.