Tour operators said the need to improve the mechanism resort fee

Tour operators said the need to improve the mechanism resort fee

YALTA, may 13 — RIA Novosti. The resort fee, which on a pilot basis will be introduced in four Russian regions, should be differentiated by category of tourist accommodation, according to a member of the Presidium of the Alliance of travel agencies (ATA) Alexan Mkrtchyan.

Speaking at the VIII conference ATA “Topical issues of internal tourism”, he noted that the resort fee is not a bad thing for the developed tourist resorts and countries.

“For example, in the center of Rome every year over 30 million people, and Italy — more than 60 million people. We on these figures you can only dream of” — said the representative of the ATA.

Mkrtchyan recalled that in some Russian cities the average salary is 20 thousand rubles per month. According to him, the Muscovites, arriving in Sochi, will pay 100 rubles per person per day, and the people who live on vacation at grandmas for 300 rubles a day, to pay another 100 rubles will be as they have 100 rubles — one third of the cost of living.

“So the resort fee should be differentiated. The problem is that legislators do not propose to do it. You need to enter a separate tax for hotels of different category of stardom, and a completely separate tax for accommodation is not certified,” — said Mkrtchyan.

The Cabinet of the Russian Federation on 28 April approved the draft law “On conducting experiment on the development of a resort infrastructure in the Republic of Crimea, Altai Krai, Krasnodar Krai and Stavropol Krai”, which envisages the introduction of resort fees from 1 January 2018, on an experimental basis. This assumes that the regions themselves to determine the amount of the fee, on the basis that it should not exceed 100 rubles per person per day.