The LC said the interception connected with undermining the car of the OSCE correspondence

The site of the explosion of the car of the OSCE

The people’s militia self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) said about having access to SMS correspondence, which deals with undermining the car of the OSCE on April 23. On Saturday, may 13, according to news Agency “new Russia” referring to the official representative of the defense Ministry of the Republic of Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Marochko.

“Yesterday, when analyzing intercepted by the patriots from the servers of the Ukrainian operators, materials and text-messaging, our employees have been identified reports of the bombing of the car of the OSCE mission on April 23 at the territory of the Lugansk national Republic”, — quotes Agency the words Marochko.

According to him, intercepted messages confirmed by joint actions of the Ukrainian special forces and the SBU to conceal evidence of their involvement in the explosion. According to the Agency, intercepted correspondence, you specify the Callsign and names of employees involved in the operation.

“Analysis of coded correspondence, there were several special groups, each of which had a separate task: one is to prepare intelligence for sabotage, the other on the output of the group of direct perpetrators-bombers on Ukrainian territory, and the third on monitoring and tracking the reactions of employees to the mission and divisions of the national police after the car bomb,” said the Colonel.

As noted Marochko, a group that had to hide the evidence, continued to be in LC and after the car bomb mission. He also mentioned that a saboteur during the withdrawal to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces, was wounded.

The car of the OSCE SMM was blown up in the afternoon of April 23 near the village of Prishib, which in 2014 is controlled by the militia. Killed one officer of the mission, US citizen. Two observers were injured, they received medical assistance. The LC claimed that a car explosion was organized by the Ukrainian saboteurs.