The defense Ministry commented on the rapprochement of the Russian su-30 aircraft USA

The defense Ministry commented on the rapprochement of the Russian su-30 aircraft USA

The Ministry said that after identification, reconnaissance aircraft of Russian pilot performed a maneuver greetings, and Poseidon flew from the border with Russia.

Moscow. May 12. INTERFAX.RU — Russian su-30, which was raised to support the American spy plane over the Black sea, approached to it only at a safe distance, said Friday the Ministry of defense of Russia.

After a rendezvous at a safe distance the pilot of the Russian fighter aircraft visually identified the object as American spy plane Р8А “Poseidon.” Russian jet carried out a maneuver welcome American pilots, after which American reconnaissance plane changed the flight path in the direction from the border with Russia.The defense Ministry

According to the defense Ministry, the incident occurred may 9 at about 12:00 Moscow time. The Russian military said that the means of control of air space over neutral waters of the Black sea, then discovered approaching the state border of the Russian Federation air target. “To intercept targets in the air was raised fighter su-30 from the composition of the active-duty air defense forces of the southern military district”, — said Russian military.

The Russian defense Ministry reported that after the assignment, the Russian su-30 fighter returned safely to their base.

Earlier on Friday, the NBC, citing the U.S. air force, reported that the Russian su-27 fighter jet in international airspace over the Black sea on may 9 approached to a distance of seven meters from the American reconnaissance aircraft “Poseidon.”

As noted by the TV station, according to the American pilots who ran the “Poseidon”, the actions of the crews of both aircraft were professional and did not pose mutual threat.