Peskov explained the fate of the Bulk of the letter about the issuance of passport

Alexei Navalny

The Kremlin has forwarded a letter of opposition leader Alexei Navalny to issue him a passport to the interior Ministry, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on Friday, may 12. His words to the correspondent “”.

“It really was, it was in the name of the head of the administration (the President of Russia — approx. “Of the”) and the profile of the issues involved, it was marked and forwarded to the relevant Agency, where this issue was resolved,” — said Peskov.

He stressed that the Kremlin has no relation to rendering the opposition of the document: “We don’t issue passports.”

Peskov also said that the administration of the President receives thousands of letters, they are registered and often are sent to the relevant agencies.

As reported “Interfax” on may 11, broadcast your YouTube channel Navalny said that initially sent a letter with a request to issue the passport of the head of the Council on human rights under the President of Russia Mikhail Fedotov. He, in turn, lamented the opposition to redirect the address to the head of presidential administration Anton Vaino, according to Navalny. However, the politician turned into a multifunctional center for delivery of documents, where the next day he was informed that the passport is ready.

May 4, Navalny announced the issuance of the passport, which he could not get five years. The document he needed to go abroad for eye treatment after chemical burns. The opposition received him in the attack with brilliant green at the end of April.