Japanese police raided the headquarters of the Yakuza on the case of extortion

Japanese police raided the headquarters of the Yakuza on the case of extortion

TOKYO, may 12. /Offset. TASS Cyril Agafonov. Police in Hyogo Prefecture in southwest Japan held on Friday searched the headquarters of the group of Yakuza “Kobe Yamaguchi-Gumi” in the city of Awaji. This was reported by the TV station TBS.

According to him, the search was conducted by a team of 30 investigators on the case of extortion 5 million yen (about $44 million), according to which in the beginning of the month had already been arrested three bosses of a criminal syndicate.

A search of the premises of this clan Yakuza was held for the first time since the end of April one of the controlled groups decided to withdraw from the submission. The split occurred due to disagreements on governance, and also because of the desire of the leaders of small groups to increase your credibility, evolving into a separate organization called “Nienke-Dantai Yamaguchi-Gumi”.

In law enforcement fear that a redistribution in the ranks of the mafia could lead to a surge of violence as a result of the hostility of rival clans. Currently police the already captures dozens of skirmishes between soldiers of the “Kobe Yamaguchi-Gumi” and criminals from the country’s largest syndicate “Yamaguchi-Gumi”, which first broke in the summer of 2015.

The group of Yakuza in Japan often operate openly under the guise of private companies or right-wing organizations and are under the control of the police. The income of Japanese criminal world consists of income from racketeering, gambling, sex, narcotics and weapons, financial fraud, the Yakuza is also involved in the construction business. Another source of income for some groups is the organization of regional holidays and festivals.