The President of Moldova will visit the Victory parade in Moscow together with his family


RIA Novosti

The President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who has arrived in Moscow to take part in the events dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Earlier, Igor Dodon said that he had received an invitation from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to attend the celebrations in red square on 9 may Victory Day celebrations.

The long-awaited visit

As he stated to RIA Novosti before the trip with him will go to Moscow, presidential adviser on foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia Andrey negutsa, as well as the press Secretary of the head of the Republic ion Ceban. Also during the trip the President will be accompanied by his wife Galina Dodon and the middle son Bogdan.

“We will participate in the events on may 9. Also on may 10th there will be a meeting with the Chairman of the Russian State Duma and other officials”, — said Igor Dodon.

He said that over the past 10 years, first President of Moldova will take part in festive events on may 9 in Moscow. “So we decided to go. Of course, this is very important and in Chisinau. But 15 consecutive years, the President of Moldova refused to visit Moscow on 9 may. I decided that it was important,” he stated.

Earlier he said that together with the official delegation on parade in Moscow will be present and Moldovan veterans.

“We were prepared to take veterans. But for reasons of safety and health (all veterans over 90 years old) relatives asked not to take risks”, — said the President.

Holiday in Moldova

The Parliament of Moldova in late April, the amended Labour code, according to which in the article “public holidays” added another paragraph “9 may — Europe Day”. It will follow “may 9 — Day of Victory and memory of heroes fallen for the independence of the Motherland”. This initiative has caused disputes among deputies. Disagree with the draft document opposition forces — the socialists and the Communists — in protest left the hall. However, the Parliament has enough votes for approval of the amendments in two readings. He then announced that he would not approve the project, stressing that “in Moldova, on May 9 celebrated and will celebrate the Victory Day”.

“The great Victory over Nazism is our common heritage. The people of Moldova together with other people made a worthy contribution to this Victory. It is our national holiday and we won’t let it take away from us,” said Igor Dodon.

Previously, he urged citizens to go on a massive March of Victory – “Immortal regiment”, which is scheduled in Chisinau on 9 may. According to the President, you cannot afford to replace the Victory Day any other holidays. “For the sake of our grandfathers, for relatives, for their sake, we must preserve the Victory Day. They fought for us, they provided to on may 9, we celebrated Victory Day. Let them not fail”, noted Dodon.

The government of Moldova discussed at the next meeting a plan of events dedicated to the celebration of Europe Day, bypassed the preparation for Victory Day. Most activities will take place not on may 9 and may 13.

Victory Day in Moldova annually thousands of civic processions and celebrations. This year a big concert to the Victory Day took place may 7 in the main square of Chisinau. A large part of the events dedicated to the Victory Day, including public action “Immortal regiment” and a concert in the center of Chisinau, held under the patronage of the President.

About 400 thousand natives of Moldova fought in the red Army, the exploits of 250 thousand of them award-winning, 19 people became heroes of the Soviet Union. To date, Moldova has not survived a single Hero of the Soviet Union. Total in the country there are about 1,5 thousand veterans of the Second world war.