The network has discovered the secret society of lovers of other people’s selfies

On Twitter there’s a secret society Selfie Deck, whose members are the likes and retweeted selfie of his associates for mutual popularity. It drew attention to the portal Mashable.

According to the newspaper, initially the community was formed in protest against the new algorithmic Twitter feed, but soon it became a haven for those who want to make your photos more popular. The name Selfie Deck is descended from the platform TweetDeck for advanced search information in tweets.

Members of the secret society in TweetDeck, create a separate section with accounts of his associates, after which mandatory retweeted and likes of each entry. To join the Selfie Deck only at the invitation of one of the existing members, with priority given to account holders with a large number of subscribers due to the potential to attract new supporters.

Tuesday, may 9 American Carter Wilkerson broke the record on Twitter, gaining the maximum in the history of the social network, the number of retweets — 3434902. A month before this, Wilkerson asked American fast food chain Wendy’s, how many retweets he needs to gather to get a year’s supply of chicken.

Company representatives responded that he would need 18 million retweets, then, Wilkerson has published a screenshot of the message and addressed to a subscriber with the request to help to gain retweets.