Pushkov ridiculed article on “the dismemberment of the Russian Federation” in the Polish newspaper


RIA Novosti

The script for “the dismemberment of Russia” will remain a sweet dream Polish, said the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov, commenting on the article of “Gazeta Polska”.

“Gazeta Polska” published an article in which she relishes the scenario of dismemberment of Russia. A vain affair: it will remain a sweet dream Polish”,- wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

“Gazeta Polska” published an article in which he rassosalos about the script “the dismemberment of Russia.” The authors of the article believe that in some point of the Russian Federation can separate some regions.

Previously Pushkov stressed that the level of confidence in the Western media in Russia tends to zero.

In addition, information pressure and imposing on other countries an alien interests leads to an increase of distrust of the Western media around the world.