In Russia may impose a tax on small families

In Russia may impose a tax on small families

Large families are raising nearly 20% of all children in the country.

Director of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov said that he had sent Russian President Vladimir Putin the draft concept of the Federal law “On the status of large families”, which provides, including a tax on small families.

The largest in Putin sent the draft concept of the Federal law stated that families with children in Russia need support. Now in the country of these families, there are about 6.5%, while they raise about 20% of children in the country.

The document provides for the granting of children education status of the labour activities with the experience, the right to free land and a tax for having a small families.

In particular, families with children offering divided into three categories of poor (on welfare), the prosperous (on a partial fixed income) and wealthy. This separation will allow us to more clearly define measures to support a Large family is defined in the document as “a complete family” apart with the death of a spouse.

It is proposed to establish monthly payments depending on number of children: 25 th for families with three or four children, 45 thousand — five-seven and 100 thousand rubles — in the presence of eight or more children.