With a big Blue handkerchief stitched in Zheleznovodsk

In Zheleznovodsk (Stavropol region) made the country’s largest Blue handkerchief with names of participants of the great Patriotic war, said on Tuesday, may 9, TASS reported.

“We make it to forever remain for future generations the memory of the heroism of their family members, the entire Soviet people,” — said the head of the city administration Evgeny Moiseev. A handkerchief sewn from 3753 triangular patches, each of which is written the name of the participant of war. Product width — 6 meters, length — 16.

It is noted that the action “Blue scarf” started in Sochi on 11 April and ended in the Victory Day. To participate could be anyone.

“Blue kerchief” — Soviet waltz song, composed by the poet and playwright Yakov Galitsky in Minsk in 1940. She tells the story about a girl who is waiting from the front of a soldier and write him letters. Before leaving for the war he gave her a blue handkerchief, and she promised to keep it. The most famous singer of the famous song — Klavdiya Shulzhenko.