Patriarch Kirill urged Russians to keep the unity


RIA Novosti

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on the day of St. George, the patron Saint of Moscow, called on the multinational people of Russia to preserve the unity and no longer participate in any civil conflict.

The Primate of the Russian Church on Saturday celebrated the divine Liturgy in the St. George temple on the Poklonnaya hill in Moscow, after which together with the mayor of capital Sergey Sobjanin has witnessed a parade of the cadets. Addressing the students of cadet colleges and to the audience, the Patriarch drew attention to the fact that the civil war that happened in the history of Russia, never ended in victory, but only divided the people and led to the suffering of so many people.

The cadets parade in Moscow on Poklonnaya hill

“Today we sometimes hear different sorts of calls to deal, including, and with each other. Do not give in to these calls. Let us preserve the unity of our people over differences, and differences are many. We are a multiethnic people, and religion is kind of different. But we must maintain unity across all borders, bearing in mind that within their own people cannot be a victorious war”, — said the Patriarch.

According to him, no revolution was victorious in the absolute sense of the word, because “someone always won and someone lost, and the bitterness of defeat lived for decades.”

“I pray that never again, no civil conflict, no provocation, which would be particularly spoke the young man’s soul, did not shake the unity of our people. I pray that a United multinational Russia may grow from strength to strength,” — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Addressing the young cadets, he also noted that while in each successive generation will be reflected in the heroism and strength of previous generations, the country will be a progressive development, and “we will go in the future with your head held high, with confidence in new victories”.

Just a parade of the cadets came about 20 thousand people, and in the parade was attended by 2.5 thousand Moscow cadets. Currently in the Russian capital act 116 of cadet classes, all in Moscow military education receive 12 thousand people.