Climber-a stowaway is hiding in a cave on mount Everest

Climber-a stowaway is hiding in a cave on mount Everest

Climber from South Africa found hiding in a cave on the slopes of Everest. As the representatives of the Nepalese authorities, the man disappeared due to the fact that I didn’t want to pay for the right to climb the highest peak of the 11 thousand dollars. Now the offender will be fined twice the amount.

Climber from South Africa found hiding in a cave at an altitude of about six thousand meters on the slopes of Everest. Ryan Sean Devi didn’t pay for climbing 11 thousand dollars and climbed to the top, hiding from the authorities. About the incident, says the Daily Mail.

A climber herself, as told to the officials, got their attention in the base camp on the southern slope of Everest. Foreign tourists rarely make the ascent outside of organized groups. When officials approached the man, he suddenly ran away. After a short pursuit of a fugitive found in the cave where he broke his secluded camp to hide from the “controllers”.

Caught climber introduced himself and said that he is a Director and producer. Money to pay for climbing he hadn’t.

The stowaway was escorted to the foot of the mountain, and the documents confiscated.

Now he faces a fine of 22 thousand dollars, in addition, the offender can close the entrance in Nepal for five years as to whether or not to climb the mountains for 10 years.

After the incident, a desperate climber turned to his friends at Facebook, apologized for “embarrassing” and explained that he “wasn’t close” the required amount to pay for the upgrade. In addition, he admitted that he doesn’t have enough mountaineering experience. After the arrest, according to Devi, he was treated “without exaggeration, like a murderer” and is “a true Testament to how money is valued higher than honesty”.

Earlier in one of the posts the climber has announced that it has reached a height of seven miles in six hours and published photos.

8 may it was reported that the government of Nepal has decided to ban the elderly to climb Everest. On the limitation of thought after the oldest climber in the world Min Bahadur Sherkhan (Min Bahadur Sherchan) from Nepal, had previously visited the peak, died on may 6 in the base camp while trying to become the oldest conqueror of mount.

April 30, the famous Swiss mountaineer 40-year-old waley Stack (Ueli Steck), nicknamed the Swiss machine died on Everest.