The Advisor told me about the position of the Macron for Brexit

The Advisor told me about the position of the Macron for Brexit

MOSCOW, may 8 — RIA Novosti. The leader of movement “Forward,” Emmanuel macron, who won the presidential election in France, will adhere to the tough stance in the negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, said his economic adviser Jean Pisani-ferry.

“I don’t think anyone is interested in the “hard” Brexit, I think that we need to build a new relationship,” said Pisani-ferry in the UK live on BBC Radio 4. According to him, there is a mutual interest in seeing the UK and the EU have maintained relations in the sphere of economy and security.

“At the same time, we have conflicting interests in some aspects of the negotiations. So it will be tough negotiations, and he (macron) will be tough,” added Pisani-ferry.

Sunday was the second round of presidential elections in France. Makron defeated in the second round of the presidential elections with a score of 66.06%, according to data of the Ministry of interior in the country, after the processing of 99.99% of the ballots.

The decision to withdraw from the EU was taken by British citizens in the referendum of June 23, 2016. United Kingdom 29 Mar officially launched the process of a British exit from the EU, passing the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, a letter of notification. According to the rules set forth in the 50th article of the Lisbon Treaty, leaving the EU, Britain will have to leave the Association on March 29, 2019 — exactly two years after the launch of the Brexit.