Putin repaid the scandal of the government Medvedev: the may gatherings in the Kremlin

The discussion of the results of realization of “may decrees” could turn into criticism of the government, which, in the opinion of the leaders of the opposition parties, unable to cope with their social objectives and manipulating the figures. However, Vladimir Putin stood up for Dmitry Medvedev, urging participants of the state Council to adhere to the prescribed agenda.

Before the meeting of the state Council, the participants lively discussed the government report on the implementation of “may decrees”. Document traditionally abounded with figures, but to understand the dynamics of how the most important social tasks set by the President, it was absolutely impossible.

In certain areas the government somehow presented the results only for the year 2016, according to others for 2014-2016, and the third not presented at all. Representatives of the opposition parties before the state Council announced that don’t trust the “scribble” of Ministers. “Of course, we’ll tell you how everything is fine and well. But you ask people: if they’re happy?” — was indignant at the margins the head eserov Sergey Mironov. And Gennady Zyuganov, without going into details, the attendant called for the resignation of the Cabinet, which demonstrates the sustained failure to improve the lives of working people.

Vladimir Putin, opening the meeting, the results of implementation of “may decrees” is also estimated to be relatively modest. In five years, according to the President, “managed to inject some new momentum for positive change” in significant for citizens. “But the outstanding issues more than was possible to do,” he said.

Although the “may decrees” cover 11 economic and social policy, at the meeting of the state Council decided to take only three — on the IFC, independent evaluation of the quality of services in the social sphere and resettlement of citizens from emergency housing. And the most conflictual topics related to the increase of salaries and improvement of quality of medical and educational services, to leave for discussion in the offices.

However, even on the issues of full information to the public could not be obtained. The speech of the head of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova and representatives of the Russian popular front (onf), which Putin instructed to monitor the implementation of “may decrees” on the ground, were closed to the press. (Recall that last year, the onf said that the orders of the President made by the government only 15%, although the White house insisted on 70%).

As a result, the meeting of the state Council differed little from the government report: the same set of key figures (only announced by the officials), without critical analysis of the situation.

The head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin long talked about the work of the IFC: the mundane in the age of information technology phenomena (such as obtaining a certificate or statement in a matter of minutes in electronic form) was presented to them as the greatest achievement of the bureaucracy. Minister meticulously calculated the amount of time saved by the Russians due to the MFC, more than 2 million “man-days”. But, unfortunately, not explained how to use these valuable data. The next step centers, according to Oreshkin, will be the transition to the model work “situations”: for example, if the child’s birth parents to receive a birth certificate, residence permit and other documents, it will be necessary to submit only one application, not ten.

The head of the Ministry of construction Mikhail Men, in turn, spoke about the rate of moving of emergency Fund: at the moment, with the objectives of the “may decrees”, only managed 14 regions, but three months of those, he estimates, will be “the vast majority”. Clearly lagging the Ministry recognized 11 subjects of the Federation, but no debriefing on the state Council was not followed. Vladimir Putin has demanded from governors (which, however, was not called by name) not to hide behind subordinates, and to go personally and talk to the people who remain despite promises to live in emergency housing.

According to the President, since the volume of the old houses in the coming years will increase, from 1 January 2019 the government and the regional authorities must launch a “permanent mechanisms” of the settlement of worn-out housing stock. The head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev explained that they will be based on the principle of “social justice” and will allow to save budgetary funds. Economically active citizens will provide an opportunity for “self-implementation of projects for reconstruction of dilapidated housing,” or “the construction of new housing on the vacated plot.” “We must not encourage dependency!” — the Governor stressed.

After his thoughts, shared all the speakers, the officials, the President traditionally gave the floor to the leaders of parliamentary factions. Sergei Mironov decided that this is the right moment to splash out, finally, all the accumulated emotions. The head of the socialist party stressed that the government is the only social problems can not cope, and the most important indicators of the “may decrees” are made on paper only, since three years ago have changed the method of their calculation. “The government priority to support banks and brokers, not the citizens!” — concluded SR.

Dmitry Medvedev at these words, made a dissatisfied grimace: well, again, twenty-five… And Vladimir Putin felt obliged to defend the Prime Minister against further attacks.

— We have selected specific agenda, and it is necessary to adhere to! — strictly he warned the next speaker.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky promised, but, of course, could not resist. In his speech mentioned about all the difficulties of the Russian language exams for migrants, the organization of leisure in Moscow and the unenviable fate of single women, after which he suddenly pulled up on the mass protests of the opposition:

— Here she sits at home lonely, educated. To go after office nowhere — dance no. And then there was some kind of troublemaker, and he calls her to the rally on the street. Of course she is — somebody somewhere called! — revealed the psychology of the protest movement is Zhirinovsky.

— Sergey Semenovich, — addressed to the mayor of Moscow the President. — Want to add something? Where to go dancing?

The mayor in the voice of Putin ironically, seem to be missing and began to tell me about how in Moscow in recent years, open dance floor, summer stage in the Park, and also workout sites where Muscovites instead of rallies can spend your leisure time.

— Yes, we told him (Zhirinovsky) hundreds of invitations to the dance will send, let them choose! Sobyanin promised.

In General, the problem of the organization of leisure of single women at the state Council meeting were fully disclosed. Which, alas, cannot be said about the “may decrees”…