Estonia will clear the border with Russia from beaver dams

Estonia will clear the border with Russia from beaver dams

Moscow. May 7. INTERFAX.RU — police and border guard of Estonia announced a competition for selection of contractor for the destruction of beaver dams on the border with Russia. Cleaning the edge of water bodies is necessary for the protection of the external EU borders against smugglers and illegal crossing of the border line, according to the Estonian broadcasting Corporation ERR.

Most of the guards to disturb beaver dams in the South-East of Estonia on the rivers of Piusa and Pedetsi, and streams Milice, Meerovitch and Mustoe.

Since the work will be carried out on the Central line of the state border, will partially cross the border, but to adhere to the law on the border.

From reservoirs should remove all the trees that got there are both Estonian and Russian side. Trees lying in the Russian territory, will have to be cut by the boundary line, so as not to reach the coastline of Russia.

The contractor will negotiate with the Russian authorized representatives of the border guard of circumcision has fallen from the Russian coast or growing trees. Jobs can be rough and marshy, and the equipment to clean the rivers of the contractor should not harm the natural environment, to the conditions of the competition public procurement. Beaver dams should be removed within 15 days.