The Ministry of defence said the threat to the United States General

Igor Konashenkov

According to the head of special operations Command U.S. army General Raymond Thomas about the fact that Russia is one of the main threats to his country based on stereotypes of the cold war. This was stated by official representative of Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov. His words leads TASS.

“The narrow-mindedness of a separate Pentagon generals on stereotypes of the cold war, and a lack of understanding of real security threats should not be surprising,” — said Konashenkov.

“We are often asked what the officers of the Russian special operations Forces differ from their American colleagues. We always stress that the major qualities of Russian officers are intelligence and determination,” he added.

According to Konashenkov, from the speech of General Thomas it is easy to understand that the Pentagon “demands on the military special operations forces, other”. “That’s probably why they are trying to compensate for their hawkish anti-Russian rhetoric in the best traditions of the cold war,” the General suggested.

Earlier, Thomas said that the Pentagon sees Russia as a strategic rival of the United States and one of the five major threats to America. According to Thomas, “strategic rivalry” between Washington and Moscow “are most pronounced in the post-Soviet space”, where, according to his statement, has shown the will “aggressively to limit” the activity of American and Western institutions.

American General believes that the Russian side “is particularly skillful in using non-traditional approaches to promote their interests.” According to him, “special forces is often a completely natural option unconventional response”.