USA called the condition of cooperation with “Rosoboronexport”

USA called the condition of cooperation with “Rosoboronexport”

WASHINGTON, may 5 — RIA Novosti, Tatyana Kalmykova. The draft Federal budget of the United States for 2017 still includes restrictions on any cooperation with the Pentagon “Rosoboronexport”, in the text of spelled out exceptions in which such a work is possible.

In particular, as follows from the text of the draft, the United States can cooperate with the “Rosoboronexport”, “if it will fit in the vital interests” of the country.

Earlier Thursday, the U.S. Senate approved the draft Federal budget for the 2017 fiscal year. During the voting for the document in favor of the 79 senators who voted against 18. For the passage of the bill its supporters was enough to get 51 votes.

The amount of the budget is 1.1 trillion dollars. It provides for the financing of the U.S. government until September 30, when the country will end the current fiscal year. Now the document goes for the signature to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

“None of the funds may not be used by the Minister of defense or any other officials from the Ministry of defence for a contract, Memorandum of understanding or cooperation agreement, the provision of a grant or loan to Rosoboronexport or any subsidiary of Rosoboronexport, stated in the draft Federal budget.

Further stipulates that the Secretary of defense “may temporarily suspend the restrictions if following the consultations with U.S. Secretary of state and Director of national intelligence it is determined that it corresponds to the vital interests of US national security”.

USA 2 September 2015 imposed sanctions against the “Rosoboronexport”, prohibiting state institutions of the United States to buy any goods or services of the Russian state defense company. In July 2016, the sanctions have been made a clause according to which the individual acquisition may be admitted with the permission of the Secretary of state.