Navalny was surprised by the results of the passport

Alex Natalypretty: FSIN demanded that Navalny is not to leave Russia

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny said in his blog that he was given a passport.

“Today a call from FMS: come and take your passport. Some think the culprit. Still five years my passport is not allowed. But really: I came, I received,” he wrote.

According to the politician, this will allow him to travel in foreign specialized clinic for the treatment of the right eye, after chemical burn received on April 27 in an attack with green paint. As noted by the opposition, the vision in that eye remained at 15 percent, but there is a chance of recovery.

A conditional sentence Navalny in the case of “Kirovles”, which will expire in August 2018, obliges him periodically and on certain days to report to the criminal-Executive inspection. As a rule, check in is required once a week. In case of evasion from the control of the court in the performance inspection can replace the conditional term on real.

Also the Bulk have a second suspended sentence of 3.5 years in the case of “Yves Rocher”.

Free exit from the country is guaranteed to Russian citizens by the Constitution, however, as follows from the definition of the constitutional court dated 24 February 2005, this right may be limited by Federal law. Thus, article 15 of the Federal law “On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation” says that a citizen may temporarily close the exit if he has been convicted of a crime.