Kudrin proposed to reduce the number of pensioners in Russia

Alexei Kudrin

The head of the Board of the Center for strategic research (CSR), former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin in the development strategy of Russia until 2035 proposed to reduce the number of pensioners by nine percent, or 3.87 million people. On Friday, may 5, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the materials of the CSR.

To reduce the number of pensioners in the country is offered by enhancing the age of retirement for women to 63 years for men to 65 years (in increments of six months starting from 2019). As a result of pensioners in Russia will remain 38,52 million people. According to the authors of the CSR, it will form a balanced system that provides an acceptable level of living for pensioners.

CSR also proposes to tighten the conditions for obtaining pensions. The minimum length of service required to receive payments from the state, should be raised to 20 years (now, it is a gradual increase of up to 15 years), the minimum number of pension points up to 52 (at the moment it is planned to raise the threshold to 30 points by 2025).

A social pension, which is assumed those who could not make money on insurance, it is necessary to appoint only 68 years old, believe in CSR. Now it is charged women from 60 and men from 65.

“According to experts of the CSR, the implementation of the proposed measures will improve the ratio of pension to the subsistence minimum to 1.85 to 2024 and to 2.33 by 2035,” writes the newspaper.

In Russia discusses several options for raising the retirement age. This fundamental decision on this subject is still pending.

In 2015 in Russia the average life expectancy for men in Russia was 66 years, women — 77 years. Men retire at 60, women at 55.