“Arhnadzor” announced the exclusion of over 200 buildings from the renovation plan in Moscow

Konstantin Mikhailov

More than 200 buildings that are architectural heritage of constructivism, is excluded from the proposed project renovation of houses after consultations of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow with specialists of the public movement “Arhnadzor.” About it reported in a press release, “Arhnadzor”, arrived in edition “Tapes.ru”.

According to the coordinator Konstantin Mikhailov, these results were achieved also thanks to the joint work of representatives of “archnadzor” with the experts of the Department. Cooperation agencies and community organizations began during the formation of the preliminary list of the renovation program.

“The Department of cultural heritage approached us with a request to assess the list of constructivist complexes, which in some respects could be a preliminary list of the renovation program. It was about 40 villages and complexes 20–30th years of the last century, — said Mikhailov. — As a result, 90 percent of the buildings of the constructivism in the draft programme were not included. Basically, it is four-storey and five-storey buildings.”

Among the major constructivist complexes, which will not affect the renovation, Budennovsk and Ussachevsky towns in the Central district, as well as Khavskaya-Shabolovsky residential area in the South.

In the provisional list are still detached homes, created by architects-constructivists. All, according to Mikhailov, this list of about 130 houses, which from the point of view of the “Arhnadzor” may have architectural value. This pre-revolutionary buildings, Stalin’s architecture.

In addition, the draft programme of renovation can get complexes development of city centres, which later became the districts of Moscow — for example, Babushkin, Kuntsevo, Lublin. There are five entrances that was built in the middle of the last century and relate to the architecture of the transition period — from Stalin to Khrushchev. However, the coordinator of “archnadzor” States that joint work with the Department of cultural heritage continues.

According to Mikhailov, the most constructivist buildings do not have the status of a monument of architecture. This gives you the opportunity to renovate these homes improve living standards and keep their appearance.

2 may portal of the city government published a list of homes that can be included in the program of renovation of residential quarters. The list includes the building of the first period of industrial housing and some others.

The vote on the inclusion of homes in the final list to be demolished facilities will be held from 15 may to 15 June in the electronic system of the Active citizen and public services “My documents”. The inhabitants of each Khrushchev may vote for or against its dismantling, organizing the General meeting of apartment owners.

To carry all of the capital Khrushchev and build in their place new housing the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on 21 February requested the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.