NSA for the year has intercepted more than 151 million phone calls of Americans

The NSA headquarters in Maryland

The national security Agency (NSA) of the USA continues in droves to intercept telephone conversations of Americans, despite the so-called “Act on the freedom of the United States.” This is evidenced by the annual report of the office of the Director of national intelligence, the head of the CIA Daniel Coates.

Published on Tuesday, may 2, the document says that the NSA in 2016, received from the operators and kept in their databases data on 151 230 968 telephone calls. It is noted that the data collection involves the recording of information in the telephone conversations, that is, listening. We are talking only about the calls, their duration and the numbers of the caller and receiving parties. In addition, the phone numbers in different records (Call Detail Record) again.

At the same time, Reuters draws attention to the fact that the Court of foreign intelligence surveillance allowed the NSA in 2016, the surveillance is only for the 42 terrorist suspects.

Restrictions on the activities of U.S. intelligence in 2015, has left the Congress, by adopting the “Act on the freedom of the United States.” According to the law, which was signed by Barack Obama, the court must decide whether a citizen is a reasonable suspicion about his links with terrorism. Only in this case the NSA gets a right to monitor the telecommunication activity of the subject of investigation.

The facts about mass NSA spying over the citizens of the United States and other countries revealed the wide public in the summer of 2013, ex-CIA and NSA Edward Snowden. In the Newspapers The Washington Post and The Guardian were published excerpts from the presentation of a top-secret government PRISM program USA.