Half of Russians called themselves poor

The study of the Higher school of Economics (HSE) “the determinants of absolute and subjective poverty in contemporary Russia” revealed that the number of Russians who call themselves poor — three times higher than the official statistics. Excerpts from scientific work leads “Kommersant”.

So, the poor called themselves 50.3 percent of Russians, while according to Rosstat such is only 13.5 percent. Half of the poor do not perceive themselves as such, and a third of non-poor Russians mistakenly ascribes to the contrary, the researchers found.

The study divided the objective poverty, characterized by low wages, and subjective, which lead to the presence of the family of minor children and the absence of their own homes. It is noted that the poor themselves often referred to as people with special secondary education, especially women.

Moreover, among elderly people are less likely subjectively poor people. Scientists explained this is crucial for the comprehension of poor factor in the discrepancy between desires and reality, characteristic of the younger generation.

In March, Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Olga Golodets told about the unique poverty of the Russians. The average salary in Russia in 2016 was 36.7 thousand rubles, at the same time at the level of the minimum wage in the domestic economy operates 4.9 million, she said.