Marine Le Pen is planning to return to national currency in case of his election victory

Marine Le Pen is planning to return to national currency in case of his election victory

The candidate in presidents of France from the party “national front” marine Le Pen said that he was going to return in circulation in the country, the franc in the event of election victory.

In an interview with Reuters, she expressed the hope that “the French people after two years will have in their pockets the national currency”. According to MS Le Pen, the new currency will better protect the savings of the French. She emphasized that the thesis that “the Euro is a shield of the French economy”, not true.

Also, the presidential candidate said that it plans to immediately begin negotiations to reform the EU.

The main points she plans to discuss is the return of control over the French borders and the laws of the country

MS Le Pen said that the negotiations may take 6-8 months, after which France will hold a referendum. And if the talks are successful, it will encourage the French to remain part of the EU, otherwise, it will call for withdrawal from the EU.

Yesterday marine Le Pen said about the need to change “totalitarian” political structure of the European Union and creating a new one, which would allow countries “to unite in projects compliance with national interests”. Also about the need to reform the existing device of the European Union, said her opponents, Emmanuel macron.

We will remind, on April 23 France was the first round of presidential elections. Reaching the second round candidates — the head of the movement “Forward!” centrist Emmanuel macron, and the leader of the right “National front” marine Le Pen, simultaneously promised to “unite all the French”. The second round will take place on may 7.

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