Passengers of “Aeroflot” has suffered after the aircraft hit an air pocket

Bangkok airport (Archive photo)Continued, the media learned the details of the incident with the airliner of “Aeroflot” in Thailand

The plane of airline “Aeroflot”, flying from Russia to Thailand, crash landed in the Bangkok airport. As reported TASS, before landing the liner fell into an air pocket, causing more than 20 passengers, including foreigners, suffered multiple fractures.

Head of the consular Department of the Russian Embassy in Thailand Vladimir Sosnov confirmed this information, adding that the incident suffered at least 20 Russians and foreigners. “Hurt, apparently, those who was not wearing a seatbelt,” explained the diplomat. To provide the necessary consular assistance in the medical institution is sent to the Embassy staff.

3 September 2016 severe turbulence is encountered during flight, led to the hospitalization of 12 people on Board the plane, EN route flight new York — Cairo.

In early August, as a result of falling of the aircraft, Hainan Airlines turbulence 30 people were injured. The incident occurred with the airliner, EN route from Chengdu (the administrative center of Sichuan province) to Beijing. The plane hit an air pocket while landing. The inner lining of its interior was seriously damaged.