Le Pen has promised to stop France’s participation in Schengen if elected

Le Pen has promised to stop France’s participation in Schengen if elected Moscow. April 11. INTERFAX.RU — the Candidate in presidents of France from the far-right party “national front” marine Le Pen said that it intends to suspend France’s participation in Schengen space, if he wins the upcoming presidential elections, reported on Tuesday the Paris media. In addition, according to Le Pen, she plans to take action in such areas as economy and security. “During the first two months of my mandate, I immediately take a number of specific measures are most needed to revive democracy and to meet the urgent challenges in the economic sphere, social and security” — leads her words edition. As noted by the newspaper, she stressed that it’s not just about suspending the Schengen agreement, and of the restoration of control at the borders of the country and the expulsion of foreigners from the list

Usmanov has accused Navalny of lying

Alisher Usmanov Businessman Alisher Usmanov has denied all charges of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and called his word a lie. About this businessman said in an interview with the newspaper “Vedomosti”. “The bulk crossed the red line, began to accuse me of is actually a crime. All I can say about his statement is a lie,” he said. Refuting the statements of the Bulk, Usmanov said that the act of donation of the estate at Znamenskoye, a charitable Foundation was part of the deal for acquisition of the land for connection to the territory of his country house. Usmanov denied by Navalny on participation in privatisation transactions, which “made his fortune”. According to the businessman, he never participated in the state privatization and all of its assets were acquired “on the open market at a high enough market value from private owners”. The only asset acquired by Usmanov and his

Britain and Canada have proposed to impose new sanctions against Russia

Boris Conceptului: G7 foreign Ministers refused to expand anti-Russian sanctions The foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has proposed to impose new sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Syria. The diplomat intends to convince the foreign Ministers of G7 countries said on Tuesday, April 11, The Guardian. The same opinion the day before was expressed by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Reuters reports. He added that Moscow “needs to feel responsibility for the actions in Syria and support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.” Trudeau added that Ottawa insists on the necessity of Assad’s departure from his post, and fully supports the US decision to attack a military base of the Syrian forces in the chemical attack in Idlib province. What areas may affect the sanctions are not specified. On the night of 7 April by order of the President of the United States Donald

The police of St. Petersburg arrested beaten child scooter young man

Police detained in St.-Petersburg 23-year-old Nikita Kravchenko, he is suspected of beating 10-year-old boy in the house 27 on Lansky highway. The incident occurred on 9 April and caused a wide resonance in the social networks, according to kp.ru. According to the investigation, the student was walking with a scooter in a crosswalk on a green light. Kravchenko ran out of the car, hit the boy with his fist on the head, gave him a scooter and fled the scene. The student was taken to hospital with injuries to his legs and head. After first aid he was allowed to go home. Measure Kravchenko has not yet elected, he was detained for two days. Federal news Agency revealed that in 2012, the detained young man was suspected of stealing. Investigators in Ekaterinburg on 8 April began an investigation after the emergence of reports that employees of one of the collection

The Ministry of health has offered the unemployed and self-employed to deny free medical insurance

The Ministry of health and the mandatory health insurance Fund intend to deprive the free medical insurance for unemployed and self-employed Russians. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, it follows from the report of the Ministry of health “About results of work of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in 2016 and objectives for 2017”. The health Ministry said that the amendments relate to those for whom the employer does not pay insurance premiums. Now, in accordance with the legislation of insurance contributions for compulsory health insurance of employed insured persons is paid by the employer and for the unemployed insured persons (children, pensioners, registered unemployed, students) are making contributions to the subjects of the Russian Federation at the expense of their budget. While there is a category of persons of working age in employment without formal contracts, they have an income, but to the social funds with no pay.

Putin admitted for terrorists cancellation of decisions on granting of citizenship

Vladimir Putin The President of Russia Vladimir Putin made the abolition of decisions on the grant of citizenship to persons involved in terrorism. He declared it in interview to TV channel “Mir 24”. The head of state reminded that in accordance with the Constitution of Russia, citizenship of anyone to deny it is impossible. “But we can cancel the relevant decisions, which served as the basis for obtaining Russian citizenship,” he said. “We will hold consultations with our lawyers, and I think, such decisions will be made in the near future”, — said the Russian leader. Putin commented in this way the solution to his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev on deprivation of citizenship for joining international terrorist organizations. “According to Kazakhstan legislation, if a citizen of our country have gone and joined the ranks of any extremist organization, to return home, he is not able, automatically loses citizenship”, — said

In the Moscow metro train running to a standstill due to unattended package

In the Moscow metro train running to a standstill due to unattended package Law enforcement officers of Moscow check at the metro station “Buninskaya Alleya” the last car of the train, where was discovered orphan package, reports TASS with reference to head of the press service of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow underground Alexey Myshlyaev. “This morning at the metro station “Buninskaya Alleya” in the last car of the train discovered orphan package. Police officers dropped off passengers, after which the composition was distilled in the sump, where he checked a dog” — said the Myshlyaev. It is noted that the incident did not affect the movement of trains on Butovskaya line.

In St. Petersburg, a monument to the pain of the human teeth

In St. Petersburg, a monument to the pain of the human teeth MOSCOW, 11 APR — RIA Novosti. In one of the dental clinics of St. Petersburg, a monument to a toothache. Used in the composition of the human teeth, the removed for medical reasons, according to city portal Dialogue. In Petersburg have established a monument toothache human teeth https://t.co/BmrLPlD0ux The heading “cripta” pic.twitter.com/fT49OGIWsg Newspaper “Paper” (@paperpaper_ru) 11 APR 2017 The sculpture is very naturalistic, but with a deformed human features — rather poguemahone Shumnovato work According to her, only the “strong emotional impact” can make a person wonder about the hygiene of the oral cavity. It is reported that the collection of materials for the monument was carried out in the framework of the city action “Teeth for health”. Only the art object used 403 remote tooth.

Paul Oakenfold made a disco on the top of Everest

Paul Oakenfold made a disco on the top of Everest 53-year-old British DJ Paul Oakenfold gave a concert on top of mount Everest, located at an altitude of 5380 meters above sea level. Such an unusual action, the musician celebrated the 30th anniversary of his first trip to Ibiza, which became a key point in his career, reports the Guardian. Live broadcast of the concert okenfolda on the summit of Everest was conducted in Facebook DJ. In order to prepare for the trip, a Brit trained for four months, in between intense touring schedule. Everest took okenfolda 10 days. He was accompanied by a group of porters who dragged up the equipment needed for performance. This is not the first unusual place where the DJ was playing. Earlier, the British gave concerts on the great wall of China, as well as unique in Los Angeles at the Hollywood bowl. Oakenfold

In Kiev showed the main stage of Eurovision

In Kiev showed the main stage of Eurovision MOSCOW, 11 APR — RIA Novosti. The organizers of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev showed to journalists the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kirilenko the main stage of the song contest. This was reported in the press service of the National public television of the country. A feature of the site is that each of its structures may move in different directions in the course of the show, changing the geometry of the scene. This will help to diversify the performances of the participants, the report says. Scene weighs 30 tonnes and covers an area of 350 square meters. As the Director for the production of the Eurovision song contest-2017 Ola Melzig, at present, the installation of spectator stands. International music competition Eurovision-2017 will be held in Kiev in international exhibition center. The semi-finals of the event scheduled on 9