Paul Oakenfold made a disco on the top of Everest

Paul Oakenfold made a disco on the top of Everest

53-year-old British DJ Paul Oakenfold gave a concert on top of mount Everest, located at an altitude of 5380 meters above sea level. Such an unusual action, the musician celebrated the 30th anniversary of his first trip to Ibiza, which became a key point in his career, reports the Guardian.

Live broadcast of the concert okenfolda on the summit of Everest was conducted in Facebook DJ. In order to prepare for the trip, a Brit trained for four months, in between intense touring schedule.

Everest took okenfolda 10 days. He was accompanied by a group of porters who dragged up the equipment needed for performance.

This is not the first unusual place where the DJ was playing. Earlier, the British gave concerts on the great wall of China, as well as unique in Los Angeles at the Hollywood bowl. Oakenfold became the first DJ in the world, played on the summit of Everest.