The police of St. Petersburg arrested beaten child scooter young man

Police detained in St.-Petersburg 23-year-old Nikita Kravchenko, he is suspected of beating 10-year-old boy in the house 27 on Lansky highway. The incident occurred on 9 April and caused a wide resonance in the social networks, according to

According to the investigation, the student was walking with a scooter in a crosswalk on a green light. Kravchenko ran out of the car, hit the boy with his fist on the head, gave him a scooter and fled the scene.

The student was taken to hospital with injuries to his legs and head. After first aid he was allowed to go home.

Measure Kravchenko has not yet elected, he was detained for two days.

Federal news Agency revealed that in 2012, the detained young man was suspected of stealing.

Investigators in Ekaterinburg on 8 April began an investigation after the emergence of reports that employees of one of the collection agencies of the city have used violence against an 11 year old boy with a disability. His mother allegedly has 300 thousand rubles