In the Yeltsin center did not comment on the new criticism of Mikhalkov

Photo: RIA Novosti Yeltsin has refused to comment on the new criticism from film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, the radio station “Moscow Says”. Earlier Mikhalkov in his program “Besogon” said center staff provide a distorted, romanticized view of the 1990-ies. In the Yeltsin center said they do not intend to comment on these words. In February 2017, the daughter of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Yumashev said that the debate around accusations Mikhalkov address Ekaterinburg’s Yeltsin center is completed. Discussion around Yeltsin center she called “a strange and some crooked”. As explained Yumashev, the famous and talented Director Mikhalkov said that he, for whatever reason, this Museum is not like it, but at the same time, there are many other equally talented Directors who visited the Yeltsin center, among which Pavel Lungin, Andrey Smirnov, Pavel Chukhrai, and Alexander Sokurov.

Putin: evidence of the use of Syrian troops in chemical weapons do not exist

© Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS MOSCOW, April 12. /TASS/. A US strike on Syria violated international law, as having been made without evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Damascus. This was stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in interview to TV channel “Mir”, the announcement which is published on the website of the company.

MO the Russian Federation: plan of the USA in Syria aimed at weakening the capacity of the Syrian army

© Sergey Bobylev/press service of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation/TASS MOSCOW, April 12. /TASS/. The only logical explanation of the strategic plan of the Pentagon in Syria is to weaken the military capacity of the Syrian army. This was stated by the official representative of Russian defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov, commenting on statements by Pentagon officials about the high efficiency of their missiles against the air base Shirt Syrian air force destroyed 20% of its aircraft.

The white house urged Russia under the threat of exclusion to make US deal on Syria

The white house urged Russia under the threat of exclusion to make US deal on Syria Russia could be isolated if Washington and Moscow fail to reach bargains on Syria. This statement, as RIA Novosti reports, made at a press briefing, White house spokesman Sean Spicer. “But if we can’t make a deal that meets our national interests, then we will not. In this particular case, there’s no question that Russia will be isolated,” he said. According to Spicer, Russia shumoizolyatsiya from the world community, because they put themselves on a par with Syria and North Korea that are “rogue States” “The only countries that do not support the US position is Syria, North Korea, Iran and Russia. All of them are failed States, with the exception of Russia. It’s not the best time to have a cocktail party with these countries,” said Spicer. At the same time, according to

Poroshenko allow absentia to judge Yanukovych

Poroshenko allow absentia to judge Yanukovych He signed a law allowing to start the examination of 190 criminal cases in absentia. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a law allowing absentia to judge former President Viktor Yanukovych and his associates. Information about this was posted on Tuesday, April 11, on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. “Returned with the signature of the President,” — said in the caption under the law. According to UNIAN, the law is called “On amendments to the criminal procedure code of Ukraine (concerning improvement of the mechanisms ensuring the tasks of criminal proceedings) (No. 5610)”. The document was twice sent back for revision before March 9, it was approved by the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading, and on March 16 in the second. Prior to that, he Poroshenko urged MPs to support the bill, pointing out the

Zakharova called the talk about the return of Russia in the G8 frivolous

Zakharova called the talk about the return of Russia in the G8 frivolous Russia left the Group in March 2014 as a result of events in Ukraine and the ensuing crisis in relations between Russia and the West. MOSCOW, April 11. /TASS/. The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the talk about the return of Russia in Group of eight frivolous. She said this on air of radio station “Vesti FM”. “With regard to the topic to move it back to the group that we hear from the other side, first, it really sounds from the other side, and secondly, some kind of speculation, she said. — Decide for some — it will probably be somehow considered. Will not accept — why just talk about it, because words, no action occurs”. The group of seven (G7) — the Union of economically developed countries, which includes UK, Germany,

In Berlin schönefeld airport evacuated passengers and staff

The terminal of Berlin schönefeld airport began the evacuation of passengers and staff. About it reports Twitter of the air transport hub of the German capital. “Currently, the bomb squad examined the find. Follow the instructions of the security staff,” reads one of the entries. — Bundespolizei B (@bpol_b) April 11, 2017, 09:44 Representatives of the air port also announced that possible delays. On December 29 last year in the biggest French airport, Roissy Charles de Gaulle were also conducted evacuation of passengers and staff because of a suspicious package. August 31, the same precautions were taken in one of the terminals of Frankfurt airport. The police searched for a suspicious man who left the area pre-flight inspection, and disappeared.

G7 foreign Ministers refused to expand anti-Russian sanctions

The foreign Ministers of the G7 countries at the summit in the Italian city of Lucca has not taken a decision on the extension of sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Syria. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, reports on Tuesday, April 11, Reuters. According to him, this question is almost not discussed at the meeting. According to The Independent, against the introduction of new restrictive measures were made by Germany and several other EU countries. As the newspaper notes, the countries proposed to wait for results of investigation. “Nevertheless, the question of extension of sanctions remains on the agenda”, — the newspaper writes. Earlier, on 11 April, it became known that the head of the foreign office, Boris Johnson intends to seek from partners in the G7 to the introduction of new restrictive measures against Russia. The G7 includes the

Trump said there are no plans to “go into Syria”

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump said that he did not intend to “enter” in Syria, despite the fact that last week gave the order to put an airstrike on a Syrian military base. He stated this in an interview with Fox Business. “We are not going to Syria,” said trump. “But when I see people using terrible, terrible chemical weapons, and I see these beautiful children, dead, on his father’s hands, or you see the children suffocate to death…” he said, stressing that this made him “call” the Pentagon chief James Mattis. According to trump, former President Barack Obama had during your stay at the White house to take action. “What I did had to be done by the Obama administration long before I did,” said trump. “I think that Syria will be much better than it was,” he added. April 4 in the alleged use of chemical

Gorbachev told about the deterioration in the policy settings

Mikhail Gorbachev The first Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev said about the serious deterioration in the quality of world politics. His words leads to “Interfax” on Tuesday, April 11. “In world politics lost all settings, all priorities. Global problems are ignored, conflicts are heated”, — he said, commenting on the visit of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson in Moscow. He also noted that any one item of the Russian-American agenda is no progress. “All of this, I think, because the parties have not begun full-fledged dialogue. Need meaningful dialogue and understanding that alone with the problems of the world can’t get through it,” said the former Soviet leader. Earlier Tuesday, Tillerson arrived in Moscow on his first official visit, reports TASS. 12 April to hold talks with Secretary of state Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. According to the Agency, one of the main topics will be the