In the Yeltsin center did not comment on the new criticism of Mikhalkov


RIA Novosti

Yeltsin has refused to comment on the new criticism from film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, the radio station “Moscow Says”.

Earlier Mikhalkov in his program “Besogon” said center staff provide a distorted, romanticized view of the 1990-ies.

In the Yeltsin center said they do not intend to comment on these words.

In February 2017, the daughter of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Yumashev said that the debate around accusations Mikhalkov address Ekaterinburg’s Yeltsin center is completed.

Discussion around Yeltsin center she called “a strange and some crooked”. As explained Yumashev, the famous and talented Director Mikhalkov said that he, for whatever reason, this Museum is not like it, but at the same time, there are many other equally talented Directors who visited the Yeltsin center, among which Pavel Lungin, Andrey Smirnov, Pavel Chukhrai, and Alexander Sokurov.