The Ministry of health has offered the unemployed and self-employed to deny free medical insurance

The Ministry of health and the mandatory health insurance Fund intend to deprive the free medical insurance for unemployed and self-employed Russians. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, it follows from the report of the Ministry of health “About results of work of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in 2016 and objectives for 2017”.

The health Ministry said that the amendments relate to those for whom the employer does not pay insurance premiums. Now, in accordance with the legislation of insurance contributions for compulsory health insurance of employed insured persons is paid by the employer and for the unemployed insured persons (children, pensioners, registered unemployed, students) are making contributions to the subjects of the Russian Federation at the expense of their budget. While there is a category of persons of working age in employment without formal contracts, they have an income, but to the social funds with no pay.

Now in MHI insured 146,5 million. Of them, according to various expert estimates, do not pay contributions to social funds of about 8.12 million citizens.

As explained by the former head of Fund of CHI Vladimir Grishin, although self-employed and the unemployed will not rely on free medical insurance but the right to receive them will not deprive, and offered to buy it for 20 thousand rubles.

The report of the Ministry of health reported that the draft Federal law “already developed”. Meanwhile in the state Duma stated that it did not support this initiative, which is contrary to article 41 of the Constitution on health care and the right to medical care.

In September last year, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets reported that the government is discussing a bill on the introduction of fees for able-bodied citizens who are not registered on the job officially.

In October 2016, the labor Minister Maxim Topilin said that the collection with the unemployed but able-bodied citizens (the so-called tax on parasites) can be set in the amount of 20 thousand rubles per year. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has supported this idea.