The media learned about the trump awarded Merkel the account for 300 billion for NATO

Angela Merkel and Donald trump

US President, Donald trump gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the expense of 300 billion dollars for NATO. On Sunday, 26 March, writes The Sunday Times, citing sources in the German government.

Paper the American leader conveyed the German government last week, during a closed-door meeting in Washington.

One of the German Ministers, who requested anonymity, called the incident outrageous. “The aim of such demands is an attempt to intimidate the other side, but the Chancellor took it calmly and not react to provocations”, — he said.

Meeting trump and Merkel held at the White house on March 18. The US President in his Twitter described it as magnificent, however, did not fail to point to the fact that Berlin is supposedly “owes huge sums of money, NATO and the United States.” The head of state stated that we need to pay for “powerful and very expensive defense that we provide in Germany.”

It probably was about the discontent trump the fact that the countries-members of NATO do not fully fulfil the obligations on financing of Alliance: the United States today covers about 70 percent of the cost of operating the organization.

The next day, the German Minister of defense Ursula von der Leyen said that no debt of Berlin before the Alliance is not. Later dissatisfaction with the statements of the American leader, the MPs from the major parties in the Bundestag.

“Germany owes US. The only thing we don’t have is money. Errors in judgment of the President about the historical role of the United States is unprecedented and extremely upset,” said the Chairman of the Committee of the Federal Assembly of Germany on foreign Affairs, member of the Christian democratic Union Norbert Rettgen.