Media reported about the death of Mosul one of the experts of the IG’s mining towns

The Western neighborhoods of Mosul

In the district of tall afar, West of Mosul killed Abu Hamza al-Tunisi, is known as a leading specialist in the installation of explosive devices in a grouping “Islamic state”. It is reported by the Iraqi satellite channel Al-Sumaria, citing local residents.

Abu Hamza mined along with four assistants, one of the two-storey houses, tall afar, when the explosion occurred are laying device. The whole group of terrorists killed.

The TV channel notes that Abu Hamza, judging by the nickname “al-Tunisi”, hails from Tunisia. Under Mosul he came from Syria as one of the leading experts in the IG for installing booby-traps in urban areas.

Ground offensive against Mosul, the stronghold of the “Islamic state” in Iraq began in October 2016. In January-February of 2017, Iraqi troops, with the support of the International coalition forces led by the United States, liberated a large part of the city. Fighting in the area continues.