“Syrian democratic forces” knocked IG from the airport from the city tabka

Dam “Tabka” “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF) took full control of the former military airfield near the town of Tabqa, knocking out fighters of the “Islamic state”. About it reports Reuters. Currently mixed SDF troops, the backbone of whom are Syrian Kurds are on the offensive on Tabqa, RIA Novosti reported with reference to TV channel “al-Mayadin”. SDF — Union of Kurdish and Arab forces, supported by the international coalition under US leadership. Tabka, located on the banks of the Euphrates river, is on the way to the “capital” of ISIS in Syria — raqqa. The city is under the control of the terrorists since 2013. On 22 March it became known that in the province were planted with American troops. The purpose of the operation — the capture of Tabka adjacent Saur dam. This will allow the troops to join the main forces SDF and begin the assault on Raqqa.

Bulgarian socialists conceded defeat in the elections

Cornelia Ninova The leader of the Bulgarian socialist party (BSP) Korneliya Ninova, acknowledged electoral defeat and congratulated the party “Citizens for European development of Bulgaria” (coat of ARMS) with the victory. It is reported by RIA Novosti. “I want to congratulate the EMBLEM of victory. If they will invite us for talks on forming a coalition, we will not participate in them. In politics there are fundamental things, and our programs are distinctly different, we are an alternative coat of ARMS”, — she said at a press conference. In turn, member of the leadership of the BSP Krasimir Yankov said that the socialists are satisfied with the level of support they received in the elections, since it is much higher than in the previous elections to the Parliament, reports “Radio Bulgaria”. According to Yankov, if the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov manages to form a government, he will have to

Participants uncoordinated rally on Tverskaya suggested to go to Sokolniki

The participants of the unauthorized rally against corruption held in the center of Moscow, offered to go to Sokolniki, on a consistent platform. This statement to the demonstrators through a megaphone asked the police, reports RIA Novosti. “Those who came in Sunday afternoon on Tverskaya street, in order to Express their civic position, we remind you: this can be done in a coordinated Playground in Sokolniki Park,” called the guards. The head of the Moscow Department of regional security and counteraction of corruption Vladimir Chernikov said the Agency that the departure of protesters in Sokolniki will “improve the situation”. March against corruption began in Moscow at 14:00. The participants reported about the mass detentions of participants, including the organizer of the event opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Policies applied for holding a rally in the capital, but the city government refused, proposing alternative sites in Sokolniki and Lublin. However, the organizers

The MOE will verify the information on found in the center of Moscow flask of anthrax

Emergency workers started to check the media reports that in Central Moscow discovered a flask of anthrax. On Sunday, March 26, TASS reported the press service of a capital Central Board of the Ministry. The information that were found in the capital capacity with the dangerous virus appeared earlier on Sunday. It was noted that the bulb was discovered during the demolition of an abandoned building in Nikolovorobinskiy lane (Large or Small, is not specified). In July last year on the Yamal Peninsula was the largest for the last 40 years outbreaks of anthrax, which has killed more than 2.3 million deer — the main messengers of an infection. With suspected disease were hospitalized 90 people. In 20 of them the diagnosis was confirmed. On 1 August it became known about death of 12-year-old boy from the intestinal form of the disease. Anthrax is a dangerous infectious disease that spreads

In Moscow at an unsanctioned rally were detained about 500 people

In Moscow at an unsanctioned rally were detained about 500 people They will make protocols on administrative offenses. Moscow. March 26. INTERFAX.RU During the uncoordinated actions in Central Moscow were detained about 500 people, they will be drawn up administrative reports, reported “Interfax” on Sunday in a press-service of the Moscow Central Directorate of police. “When uncoordinated public event in the center of Moscow police officers and Regardie was detained about 500 people. Currently, they are taken to the territorial police units to compile protocols on administrative offences”, — said the press officer. Today in the centre of Moscow the opposition held a rally against corruption, which was not coordinated by the authorities. Shortly after the start of the procession along Tverskaya street were arrested Alexei Navalny. The police confirmed that they had arrested “one of the organizers of the action”. According to the assessment of the MIA, in the

Police reported participation in the opposition rally in Moscow more than 7 thousand people

Police reported participation in the opposition rally in Moscow more than 7 thousand people In the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of internal Affairs confirmed the detention of Alexei Navalny. Moscow. March 26. INTERFAX.RU — IN an unsanctioned opposition rally in Central Moscow involved about 7-8 thousand people, reported “Interfax” the press service of the MIA. “In place of the inconsistent public events on Tverskaya street of Moscow city and the surrounding areas are of the order of 7-8 thousand people,” — said the press officer. Pushkin square pic.twitter.com/3Sx8Y8Vi9f — Feldman (@EvgenyFeldman) March 26, 2017 The police establishes persons rashpilevsky gas during an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow, told “Interfax” in the Metropolitan Chapter. “When uncoordinated public event on Tverskaya street of the city of Moscow unknown persons on Pushkin square was sprayed gas irritant”, — stated in the message. pic.twitter.com/Ylapbt7BB0 — Nikolay Lyaskin (@nlyaskin) on 26 March 2017. In

Soyuzmultfilm will launch a line of clothing with cartoon characters

Soyuzmultfilm will launch a line of clothing with cartoon characters MOSCOW, 26 Mar — RIA Novosti. The Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” plans to release a clothing line with characters from cartoons to improve their image, told journalists the Chairman of the Board of the Studio Juliana Slascheva at the Moscow cultural forum on Sunday. “We are definitely going to develop the characters of Soyuzmultfilm in the so-called “high-end”, that is, the clothing brand in order that it was various well-known people. This is a program that we are very interested. We do not so much expect her income as enhance reputational image of the effect,” — said Slaschova. According to her, the Studio has plans of entering the mass market children’s and teen clothing.

Lavrov said that Russia is ready to discuss the reduction of nuclear arsenals

Photo: RIA Novosti Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia is ready to discuss the possibility of reducing nuclear arsenals, reports channel “Russia-24”. At the same time, the head of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that the renunciation of nuclear weapons has not come yet. In January, the President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with the Times said that the United States can withdraw some of the sanctions against Russia in case of successful agreement on bilateral reduction of nuclear weapons.

Media: trump has exposed Merkel account for $ 375 billion for NATO

Media: trump has exposed Merkel account for $ 375 billion for NATO MOSCOW, 26 Mar — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump during a closed-door meeting in Washington last week gave the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, bill for services, NATO, reports The Sunday Times citing sources in the German government. It is reported that the American leader praised the amount that Berlin owes NATO for the defense of Germany 375 billion. “Such demands are put forward with the aim to intimidate the other side, however, the Chancellor took it calmly and not going to respond to provocations,” he said. The first meeting of the tramp and Merkel held at the White house on March 17. The next day, the US President said that the talks with German Chancellor were great, but immediately recalled that Germany owes NATO “huge amounts” for the defense. Previously, trump has repeatedly

Le Pen has compared Him with Jean-Claude van Damme

Le Pen has compared Him with Jean-Claude van Damme MOSCOW, 26 Mar — RIA Novosti. A candidate for the presidency of France, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen has compared his opponent’s ex-economy Minister Emmanuel Macron with the famous American actor of Belgian origin Jean-Claude van Damme, the newspaper Figaro. “This sort of Jean-Claude van Damme policies. In General, we do not understand what he says or what he wants. But when we understand that’s a concern”, — the newspaper quotes the statement by Le Pen that she made during a speech at a rally in Lille. Jean-Claude van Damme — actor, Director, writer and producer of fight scenes and martial arts. For her acting career starred in a total of more than 50 films. HelpElections in France: the explanation in grafikone will participate in the presidential elections in France, and what issues concern of French