The MOE will verify the information on found in the center of Moscow flask of anthrax

Emergency workers started to check the media reports that in Central Moscow discovered a flask of anthrax. On Sunday, March 26, TASS reported the press service of a capital Central Board of the Ministry.

The information that were found in the capital capacity with the dangerous virus appeared earlier on Sunday. It was noted that the bulb was discovered during the demolition of an abandoned building in Nikolovorobinskiy lane (Large or Small, is not specified).

In July last year on the Yamal Peninsula was the largest for the last 40 years outbreaks of anthrax, which has killed more than 2.3 million deer — the main messengers of an infection. With suspected disease were hospitalized 90 people. In 20 of them the diagnosis was confirmed. On 1 August it became known about death of 12-year-old boy from the intestinal form of the disease.

Anthrax is a dangerous infectious disease that spreads on wild and farm animals as well as human. The disease is characterized by a high fatality rate if untreated (90 percent) and can result in death even if the assistance was provided. Sources of infection are usually domestic animals: cattle, horses, goats, sheep, camels, and blood-sucking insects.