The Russian foreign Ministry has expressed disappointment in connection with new US sanctions

The U.S. decision on the introduction of restrictive measures against several Russian organizations, including those associated with the aircraft industry and training of specialists, is puzzling and frustrating. This is stated in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry. “No serious problems we have this new batch of sanctions, of course, does not cause, but Americans are not even named the reasons, but merely referred to its legislation prohibiting them to cooperate with Iran and Syria,” the report says. This step, as emphasized in the Russian foreign Ministry, does not fit with the statements of Washington on the priority of combating terrorism, including building a nest on Syrian territory. This decision, on the contrary, completely contrary to such a Directive undermines the prospects for establishing a broad multilateral cooperation in order to defeat terrorist groups that threaten all countries, including the United States. “Official Washington again goes on about those

In the Federation Council considered sanctions an attempt to “move” Russia with military market

Vladimir Dzhabarov The imposition of sanctions against several Russian companies are dictated by Washington’s desire to “move” the Russian market of the defense industry. This opinion on Saturday, March 25, stated RIA Novosti the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov. “It’s not in Russian-American relations, Russia, simply put, want to move from this market (defense industry — approx. “Of the”), to push back,” said the Senator. According to him, the restrictions will hardly damage the Russian companies against which they were entered. “I do not think that we are so severely affected, we have almost no work with the us market,” — said dzhabarov. He also expressed confidence that Moscow does not need to think about the response and to get excited: the defense industrial sector will continue to work as usual. Previously, on 25 March it became known that the US

In the center of Kiev shooting occurred

In the center of Kiev shooting occurred MOSCOW, 26 Mar — RIA Novosti. In the center of Kiev shooting occurred, one person wounded, two people detained, according to the website of the TV channel “Public television”. “In the center of Kiev on the street Emelyanovich-Pavlenko (formerly the Suvorov street) shooting occurred, the result was the wounded man. The correspondent reports about it “gromadske TV” with the scene. The incident occurred at the restaurant “Hops-Suneli”, according to preliminary information, because of a quarrel”, — said in a statement on the channel’s website. It clarifies that one of participants of incident have been wounded in the leg, its visors “fast”. As reported by TV channel representatives of the police, arrested two people.