Most of the Russians were for family planning

Most of the Russians were for family planning

According to the survey, the majority of Russian citizens do not want government intervention in this area.

Moscow. March 26. INTERFAX.RU — Most Russians believe that the planning of children in the family should be a conscious behavior and implemented by using modern methods of contraception (78%), reported “Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”.

At the same time, 13% believe that it should give birth to and raise as many children as possible, without resorting to contraception and abortion

More than half of respondents (59%) oppose government intervention in this private sphere of life of citizens as family planning and abortion (in 2015 66%). Meanwhile, 27% believe that the government should take measures to prevent abortions.

Undecided 10% participants of a survey conducted from 2 to 6 March among 1,600 people over 18 in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

More than half of respondents supported a woman’s right to make a decision about abortion on their own (51%). Among women, this view maintains 60% among men, 40%.

Sociologists say that of the measures that authorities could take to control abortion, the greatest support find measures of educational and economic nature.

57% of Russians consider it necessary to increase benefits for child care up to the subsistence level. The creation of state programs of sex education and the introduction of mandatory sex ed classes in schools approve 45% and 31% respectively.

One in four (26%) support the distribution of contraceptives through their covering the cost of the system, and one in five (21%) favour promoting sexual abstinence until marriage.

Also among the measures that can help to prevent abortions, 7% of respondents said a ban on abortion not made for medical reasons.

For a full abortion ban and criminalization of their fulfillment are 2% and 3% respectively

That abortion is a serious medical intervention that can have long lasting health effects, believe 77% of respondents (agree 82% women and 70% men). The opposite opinion of 9%, as many (9%) difficult to answer.

Among the reasons that constitute a valid reason for abortion, two thirds (66%) of Russians indicated a threat to the life of the mother (69% women and 62% men). Another 43% say abortion is possible if the pregnancy is the result of rape (47% of women and 38% men). Financial disorder is the third place in this list (39%).

Age of the pregnant women consider a valid reason for abortion, 27% of respondents. 24% believe that abortion is possible if the woman already has children and she doesn’t want to have any more children, and 22% believe that abortion is quite simple desires of women not to have children at all.

Responsibility for protection from unwanted pregnancy, according to 74% of Russians, lies on both partners (76% of women and 70% men). That take care of the protection, first and foremost, needs a woman, sure 13%, that man — 8%.

According to the survey, about contraception, the majority of Russians learned from friends/acquaintances (39%), books on medical topics (18%) or “own experience” (19%). Got the information from the media, 14%, and 11% from parents/relatives — 13%, from the doctor — 10%, from its partner — 7%.