In Central Moscow held an unauthorized action

In Central Moscow held an unauthorized action

MOSCOW, 26 Mar — RIA Novosti. In Central Moscow held an unauthorized action, the first detention, currently detained 8 people, passed on Sunday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

To date, several people were one by one arrested by law enforcement officers on Tverskaya street for violation of public order.

Among them was a woman wearing a shirt with the inscription, indicating the affiliation to the “defrauded” and two men unfurled the posters.

Three solitary detention for deployed placards happened in the square at the Belarusian station.

In addition, on Pushkin street was arrested two more people wearing medical masks.

In Pushkin square, the police in megaphones encourages all to disperse and not to obstruct passage of people and the police.

From the metro station “Belorusskaya” protesters began the March on the sidewalk in the direction of Pushkin square.

Previously, the Moscow authorities denied permission to hold a rally of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in the centre of the city, offering its supporters the alternatives in Sokolniki and Lublin

Later in the Metropolitan Department of regional security and anti-corruption RIA Novosti reported that the organizers of the demonstration refused the proposed options.

In this regard, as explained in the Department, the opposition rally scheduled for March 26, will be considered unauthorized, even if the participants will choose the location previously proposed by the municipality alternatives.

Gumvd of Russia in Moscow urged Muscovites to refrain from participating in this outstanding event and reminded that the responsibility for the safety of citizens, including the responsibility of its organizers about what they were officially warned.