Russia was accused of violating international rules exercises


RIA Novosti

Russia has violated the international rules of notification of the military exercises. That accusation was made by the commander of US forces and NATO in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“According to the agreement, they (the teachings of approx. The Rambler/news) should be announced, if they take part more than 9 thousand soldiers, and they must be conducted with the participation of (foreign – ed. The Rambler/news) observers, if more than 30 thousand (soldiers – approx. The Rambler/news). We must be permitted to observe, if we want,” said Scaparrotti.

His statement, Scaparrotti made at the hearing in the U.S. Senate. The General added that Russian military exercises “much bigger”. We are talking about “spot checks”, involving about 100 thousand troops. In the Russian defense Ministry said that Moscow conducts sudden inspection in compliance with the Vienna document on confidence-building measures. NATO has repeatedly stressed that the agreement needed to be revised to grant the military Alliance a chance to observe such exercises.