Italy proposed to introduce a monthly vacation at the time of menstruation

Italy may introduce a monthly three-day holiday for workers with painful menstrual periods. In the case of the adoption of this law it will become the first Western country with such practices against women. On Saturday, March 25, reports The Independent. The lower house of the Italian Parliament started discussion of a bill that would force employers each month to pay three days of leave for employees who experience pain during menstruation. The document was prepared by four deputies-women from the ruling Democratic party. According to the publication, in the country there are those who fear that the law could discredit the women who fight for gender equality. In hiring, men be given a higher priority by staff. A similar law has already been introduced in some Eastern countries, for example, in Japan and South Korea, except that such short-term features in certain provinces of China. Today in Italy, women

Prosecutors warn Navalny supporters from holding a rally in Moscow

Alexei Navalny Opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his supporters have sent warnings on the inadmissibility of attempts on March 26, uncoordinated action in the center of Moscow. This was reported “Interfax” in the city Prosecutor’s office on Friday, March 24. The press service noted that such attempts “a direct violation of the law”, and for the event was “offered an alternative venue, which the organizers refused”. “Law enforcement will be forced to take all necessary measures to prevent provocations, riots, any action leading to breach of public security, creating conditions for threats to life and health of citizens”, — said the employee of the Prosecutor’s office. Caution “to prevent possible violations of the law” directed Ivan Zhdanov, Vyacheslav and Yevgeny zamiatine Gimadi, — employees of Fund of struggle against corruption, based Bulk — as well as supporting opposition leader Alexander Pomazuev. Earlier Friday, press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov

In Moscow lit warehouse at the plant “LiAZ”

In the suburban city Likino-Dulyovo lit up building on-site bus plant “LiAZ”, reports on Friday, March 24, the TV channel “360”. According to eyewitnesses, the fire occurred in a warehouse located near the pressed-body shop. On the website of EMERCOM in the region reported that at 16:12 GMT open burning at Likino-Dulyovo, Kalinina street, house 1 was liquidated. In extinguishing the fire involved 15 people and four pieces of equipment. In February in Moscow region lit warehouse of building materials “Mytishchi fair”. The fire fighting took more than a day.

In St. Louis the unknown made a fire, killed the teenager

In St. Louis the unknown made a fire, killed the teenager MOSCOW, 25 Mar — RIA Novosti. A teenager was killed and six people were injured in a shooting in the us city of Saint Louis, Missouri, according to local TV station KMOV, citing the police. As reported by law enforcement agencies, on Friday evening, an unknown approached a group of people gathered on the street and opened fire. In the death of 15-year-old. Another six people were injured, including 8-year-old child, whose fortune is estimated as critical. Investigators believe that the shooting was arranged by three people. The suspect managed to escape from the scene, their motives are being investigated.

Japan recorded a bird flu H5N6

Japan recorded a bird flu H5N6 The virus was detected in two prefectures, Miyagi and Chiba. TOKYO, March 25. /Offset. TASS Igor Belyaev/. The Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries of Japan has established that a form of bird flu found on poultry farms in the prefectures of Miyagi and Chiba, is the H5N6 virus. On Saturday announced the Ministry. The virus was discovered at two farms in the cities of Kurihara and Asahi. At the end of last year Japan had scored about a million chickens due to the outbreak of the avian influenza virus H5N8. Due to the scale of exposure to the culling of birds was even connected units of the self-defense forces of the country.

In the Gaza strip killed one of the leaders of Hamas

In the Gaza strip killed one of the leaders of Hamas In the Gaza strip was killed by one of the leaders of the Islamist movement Hamas. About it reports Reuters with reference to the statement of the group. According to the Agency, the gunman named Mazen Fuqaha was killed near his home. Unknown shot him several times. In the statement of the movement noted that the guilty in the death of Fukaha they believe Israel and “its allies”. “Israel knows that the blood of men is shed not just like that, and Hamas knows how to respond”, — reads the statement of the group. The representative of the Israeli defense forces refused to comment on the incident, the Agency said. Mazen Fuqaha in 2003 was sentenced to nine life terms for the preparation of attacks against Israelis. In 2011 he became one of more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners

American student five days were wandering in the desert because of an error in the maps Gооgle

American student five days were wandering in the desert because of an error in the maps Gооgle A student from Texas, amber Katana Wanjek because of an error in Google maps a few days could not find a way out of the wilderness of the Grand Canyon. The service advised her to take roads that were not seen in the area. In the result van heck got lost, was only saved after nearly 120 hours. Amber Katana Wanchek (Amber VanHecke Katanna) told how because of a bug in Google maps 119 hours could not find a way out of the desert. The incident, the girl is in details described in Facebook. American by car and followed Google maps from the South rim of the Grand Canyon in the side of the waterfalls Havasu. The service advised her to turn off the highway onto a dirt road and drive about 64

A physicist has made to the wine flowed over the bottle

A physicist has made to the wine flowed over the bottle Biophysicist Daniel Perlman from the Brandeis University (USA) for three years studied as the liquid flow passes through the neck of the bottle, with the aim to make wine out of the bottle was spilled as little as possible. On the development of the website of the University. via GIPHY While pouring water from a bottle some of the fluid “bends” and runs down the neck. This happens due to the properties of glass: it is hydrophilic, that is well moistened with water. There are already devices designed to ensure that the wine is not poured, but they need to be inserted into the neck of the bottle. Perlman didn’t want consumers to do an extra step after the purchase. I wanted to change wine bottle. I didn’t want to have additional expenses or inconvenience when buying aksessuarami Perlman

Firefighters rescued a dog by giving her CPR mouth

Firefighters rescued a dog by giving her CPR mouth American firefighters pulled from a burning apartment in the city a lifeless dog, spent twenty minutes to revive her, including making her artificial respiration from mouth to nose. Nala, a 10-year-old dog cross breeds Bichon-Friese and a Shih-Tzu suffered as a result of a fire that occurred on March 21 in an apartment in Santa Monica. His owner, a nurse Cristal Laminado, returned home from work just at the moment when in the apartment for unknown reasons caught fire, reports AP. Laminate tried to evacuate the dog outside, but the apartment is very quickly turned out to be engulfed in smoke, and all her efforts were in vain. Came to the aid of the arriving firefighters. One of them with water from a hose trying to keep the flames under control, while the other on all fours searched all the corners

Putin thanked the participants of the military operation in Syria for courage

Photo: RIA Novosti The President of Russia Vladimir Putin thanked for the courage and professionalism of the Russian soldiers who took part in the Syrian operations. At the presentation ceremony appointed to senior command positions of the officers, Putin said that the Russian armed forces has seriously improved over the past few years and is able to repel any aggression, protecting both citizens and the country itself, and its allies, RIA “Novosti”. “Today in this hall the senior officers involved in the operations of the Russian army against the terrorists in Syria. I want to thank you high professionalism, for the courage and heroism,” Putin said. March 17, Putin also met with the officers who took part in the operation of the Russian space forces in Syria. Then he honored the memory of the four killed in Syria, whose relatives had been invited to the meeting. Then he thanked all