Prosecutors warn Navalny supporters from holding a rally in Moscow

Alexei Navalny

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny and his supporters have sent warnings on the inadmissibility of attempts on March 26, uncoordinated action in the center of Moscow. This was reported “Interfax” in the city Prosecutor’s office on Friday, March 24.

The press service noted that such attempts “a direct violation of the law”, and for the event was “offered an alternative venue, which the organizers refused”. “Law enforcement will be forced to take all necessary measures to prevent provocations, riots, any action leading to breach of public security, creating conditions for threats to life and health of citizens”, — said the employee of the Prosecutor’s office.

Caution “to prevent possible violations of the law” directed Ivan Zhdanov, Vyacheslav and Yevgeny zamiatine Gimadi, — employees of Fund of struggle against corruption, based Bulk — as well as supporting opposition leader Alexander Pomazuev.

Earlier Friday, press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called illegal calls to participate in the procession along Tverskaya street of Moscow in the framework of the action initiated by the Bulk. “It’s actually not that other, as provocation”, — he said.

On 23 March, the Moscow police urged residents and guests of the capital to refrain from participation in an inconsistent event, scheduled for Sunday.

That the mayor’s office denied the Bulk in the procession from the square of Tverskaya Zastava on the streets 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya and Tverskaya, and in the meeting on the street Okhotny Ryad, became known on March 18.