Italy proposed to introduce a monthly vacation at the time of menstruation

Italy may introduce a monthly three-day holiday for workers with painful menstrual periods. In the case of the adoption of this law it will become the first Western country with such practices against women. On Saturday, March 25, reports The Independent.

The lower house of the Italian Parliament started discussion of a bill that would force employers each month to pay three days of leave for employees who experience pain during menstruation. The document was prepared by four deputies-women from the ruling Democratic party.

According to the publication, in the country there are those who fear that the law could discredit the women who fight for gender equality. In hiring, men be given a higher priority by staff.

A similar law has already been introduced in some Eastern countries, for example, in Japan and South Korea, except that such short-term features in certain provinces of China.

Today in Italy, women are guaranteed five months of maternity leave on pregnancy and childbirth, during which they are paid 80 percent of wages. To abandon it, they are not eligible. After both parents are entitled to take an additional six months of leave to care for a child with a payment of 30 percent of salary.